MACRA Twitter Roundup – MACRA Monday

This post is part of the MACRA Monday series of blog posts where we dive into the details of the MACRA Quality Payment Program and related topics.

There’s always a lot of activity on Twitter that’s relevant and interesting and this is particularly true for MACRA. So, I thought it would be fun for this MACRA Monday to do a roundup of some of the recent tweets providing resources, information and perspective on MACRA.

This is an important list to know about if you’re participating in MACRA. Make sure you’re using an approved registry (QCDR for those following along at home). I wish it wasn’t a pdf, but it is CMS.

This is a great side by side comparison for those preparing for what’s coming in MACRA 2018. I also found it interesting to see that it outlines MACRA’s main goals as:

  • Improve Health Outcomes
  • Spend Wisely
  • Minimize Burden of Participation
  • Be Fair and Transparent

I think if those are the goals, they might have the wrong program.

This is many doctors views of MACRA. Although, Kris Held, MD is very vocal about it. Her Twitter profile even says she has a mission to get government out of medicine. I don’t think enough doctors are going to follow her lead and opt out, but we’ll see very soon.

This tweet just made me laugh. I guess there’s a Miss Macra. I’m not sure what the Miss Macra Festival is, but I find it hilarious when terms overlap like this. Not really the point of MACRA Monday, but I thought you might enjoy the laugh that I got from the odd overlap.

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