EMR Clinical Optimization Infographic – EMR Clinical Optimization Series

The following is a guest blog post by Justin Campbell, Vice President, Strategy, at Galen Healthcare Solutions.

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In this infographic, Galen Healthcare Solutions provides critical information and statistics pertaining to EMR optimization including:

  • EMR Market Maturation
  • EMR Capital Investment Priorities
  • EMR as a Valuable Asset vs Required Repository
  • Clinical Optimization Goals & Benefits
  • Types of Clinical Optimization
  • Clinical Optimization Effort & ROI Matrix

EMR products get widely varying reviews. There is strong support and appreciation for EMRs in some HDOs, where the sentiment exists that the EMR is well-designed, saves time, and supports clinical workflows. That said, in other HDOs, providers using the same EMR complain that EMRs add work, decrease face time with patients and create usability issues and slowdowns. Multiple prompts and clicks in an EMR system impact patients and contribute to physician burnout. The resounding sentiment for these set of providers is that the EMRs are not designed for the way they think and work. Why then the varying response among providers to the same EMR products? Deficient implementations.

Under the pressure of moving ahead to meet the requirements of the Meaningful Use program, most EMRs were implemented using a Big Bang approach, and very rapidly. While this approach may have been the most effective to capture incentives, generic, rapid EMR implementation led to several unintended consequences, resulting in widespread user dissatisfaction. EMRs today serve more as a transactional system of record than a system of engagement. To be used to their full capacity, the different components and modules of the EMR should be evaluated against baseline metrics to harness additional capabilities including clinical decision support, analytics at the point of care, and efficiency of workflow. To realize lasting impact from the EMR, extensive post go-live enhancement and optimization is needed. Leveraging the operational data in the EMR system can support many initiatives to improve workflows, as well as clinical and financial performance. Prioritization of the levers that can be adjusted depends on the HDO’s implementation baseline and strategic goals.

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A robust EMR optimization strategy can help HDOs realize the promised value from implementation of an EMR. EMR optimization is the driver of strategic value, and can become a sustainable competitive advantage through leadership, innovation and measurement. Success requires a disciplined, data-driven, outcomes-based approach to meet a defined set of objectives.

Gain perspectives from HDO leaders who have successfully navigated EMR clinical optimization and refine your EMR strategy to transform it from a short-term clinical documentation data repository to a long-term asset by downloading our EMR Optimization Whitepaper.

About Justin Campbell
Justin is Vice President, Strategy, at Galen Healthcare Solutions. He is responsible for market intelligence, segmentation, business and market development and competitive strategy. Justin has been consulting in Health IT for over 10 years, guiding clients in the implementation, integration and optimization of clinical systems. He has been on the front lines of system replacement and data migration, and is passionate about advancing interoperability in healthcare and harnessing analytical insights to realize improvements in patient care. Justin can be found on Twitter at @TJustinCampbell and LinkedIn.

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