Quick EHR Twitter Roundup

I use to do these types of posts a lot more. Not really sure why I stopped them since so much good information and so many good discussions are happening on Twitter. In these Twitter roundups, I select a few tweets to highlight and then add a few lines of my own commentary. I hope you enjoy. If you don’t like them, I’d love to hear that as well.

We’ve seen a lot of investors get really interested in the EMR and healthcare space. However, once they see the regulations they usually go running. No doubt it’s ripe for disruption and there’s a lot of disatisfaction and poor use of technology. However, most VCs underestimate what it takes to get into healthcare.

I’ll admit that I hadn’t seen an offer like this for a while. We use to see things like this all the time, but most EHR vendors have moved away from selling EHR software to leveraging their current EHR customers. I think that’s part of why we’ve seen the change in marketing. I feel bad for the salespeople still trying to sell EHR. Those that remain certainly have known about EHR and have chosen not to get one and so EHR sales today have to be a real challenge.

I actually don’t think Justin’s suggestion is that daring. However, I expect most doctors would think that it was a daring suggestion. There’s still a lot of resistance to this idea, but patients will continue pushing for it.

What I found more interesting about Justin’s tweet is the idea of a next-gen EMR. We’ll have to cover this in a future post, but I wonder if people think that a next-gen EMR will come along that will replace the current crop of EMR software. Or will the current EMR become a next-gen EMR. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the next generation EMR will come to be.

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