How Will APIs Change Health IT? – #HITsm Chat Topic

We’re excited to share the topic and questions for this week’s #HITsm chat happening Friday, 5/26 at Noon ET (9 AM PT). This week’s chat will be hosted by Chad Johnson (@OchoTex) on the topic of “How Will APIs Change Health IT?.”

First, let’s define API: An application programming interface (API) is a set of standards that enable communication between multiple sources, most typically software applications. More specifically, an API is a set of routines, protocols, and data standards defined by a software vendor (an EHR for example) that specify how other vendor applications can contribute to or remove data from their database.

Other industries have profited from modern API integration, driven by the boost of internet technologies such as cloud applications and smart phones. Almost every consumer-facing technology runs on modern APIs – facebook, Twitter, Waze, Mint, etc. Facebook’s internal API, for example, pulls in data from all your friends’ FB feeds and displays it onto your feed. FB’s external API allows you to post items to your facebook feed using other applications, such as Instagram or Twitter.

Can you think of a popular/widespread/well known example of APIs in healthcare? No? Not surprisingly, healthcare has some catching up to do with APIs.

The good news for healthcare is that providers and vendors are realizing the potential impact modern APIs have on workflows, patient care, and… profits. The HL7 FHIR healthcare standard, along with Meaningful Use Stage 3 API requirements, have solidified the hype and marked API and cloud integration almost essential to understand.

Let’s discuss that in this week’s #HITsm chat.

T1: What barriers do you see for API adoption in hospitals? #HITsm

T2: Will EHRs eventually allow two-way API connectivity (read & write)? #HITsm

T3: Can API connectivity change perceptions about ‘siloed’ EHR patient databases? #HITsm

T4: Will APIs motivate hospitals to store their patient data in the cloud? #HITsm

T5: Will APIs open up the door to other vendors and applications? Or just broaden current EHR footprint? #HITsm

Bonus: What innovative solutions do you predict creative IT teams can employ for patients and caregivers? #HITsm

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  • Hi, great article. I’ve seen a great use of API in healthcare from some CMS websites. NPI Registry offers an API as well as a downloadable registry file. PECOS reassignment file is also available online and it’s presence opens up a narrow market of service providers to help correct and maximize billing (or minimize errors). APIs offer powerful interaction with datasets, but overcoming EHR’s closed-source systems and the precarious issues with PHI will take a long time.

    Best regards,
    James @realjjfoster

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