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This post is part of the MACRA Monday series of blog posts where we dive into the details of the MACRA Quality Payment Program.

MACRA is still an extremely hot topic and so there’s a lot of discussion about it happening on Twitter and other social media platforms. For today’s MACRA Monday I thought I’d highlight a number of tweets about MACRA that might help you in your efforts.

This was one of the main reasons that doctors didn’t want to participate in meaningful use. Seems like it’s carrying over into MACRA. Is there reason to be concerned?

I thought this was an interesting way to breakdown the two parts of MACRA: APMs and MIPS. I’d just add that APMs require the new entities to report as well. You can’t get away from reporting in either of them.

Leavitt Partners has a deep perspective on what’s happening with healthcare. In the link they assert that MACRA may have a bigger direct impact on physicians and the delivery system than ACA (Obamacare). They could very well be right.

I wouldn’t have guessed this is a radiology society’s top priority. It matters to them, but it seems like they’d have bigger fish to fry.

Numbers like this are disturbing. Does it really take that much to be prepared for MACRA? Or do doctors just not understand MACRA and so they answered that they’re not ready? Maybe I was wrong about how many will just take the penalties. Although, it’s still early and I think most will be able to avoid penalties thanks to Pick Your Pace.

Any great tweets or insights you’ve seen about MACRA lately? If so, share them in the comments.

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  • Physicians have given up on these. This is why these policies are going to die. MU and PQRS died from a lack of MD participation. Forced participation or extreme penalties NEVER work. It always causes way more problems that it solves. Right now everyone is starting to understand the extreme burdens these programs have placed on the backs of front line practicing MDs. The blowback is coming, the crisis is here.

  • PQRS isn’t dead in my neck of the woods…not by a long shot.

    As to the ACR comments, radiologists know this is one more thing that will prevent them from doing what pays the bills- reading scans. Anything that cuts into the time they can bill for, or more importantly, workload that is balanced against contractual obligations for turn around times is a big time threat. For a radiology doctor and group, the attention to detail in specific areas MACRA reporting will represent is a time drag to be negated as much as possible, but can’t be avoided because it’s real money at stake.

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