Focus on Strengths or Weaknesses?

You hired them for their strengths. Why focus on their weaknesses?
Dr. Travis Bradberry

Are you this type of boss? Have you had this type of boss? It’s never fun when the leader of your organization spends so much time on your weaknesses and never spends any time on your strengths. If you’re this type of leader, you can change. Start spending more time on how a person can help your organization and spend less time criticizing their weaknesses.

While I think this is an important part of leadership, I think this is something we also do to ourselves. Are you someone whose brain is constantly critical of your weaknesses and rarely recognizes your strengths? If so, that can be as toxic or more toxic than a boss doing so.

In my experience, the first key to overcoming this challenge is to recognize that you’re doing it. So many of us just do this naturally that we sometimes have to slow ourselves down and recognize what we’re doing to ourselves. Once you do this, you can replace the negative thoughts with positive ones about the great things you’ve accomplished.

Another great tool to overcome this challenge is to surround yourself with people that lift you up. I’m not talking about “Yes” people that are always flattering you. Certainly, there’s a time for some real talk and self-introspection on how you can improve. However, the right mentors, friends, colleagues can be frank with you when needed, but also will lift you up and remind you of all your great qualities when it’s needed too.

The amazing thing is that when you spend time focusing on your strengths, you’ll be better able to address your weaknesses. The power you receive from success is incredible and will help you have the strength to overcome other weak areas of your life.

If you’re sabotaging yourself by focusing on your weaknesses, take steps to recognize it and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones that focus on your strengths. You’ll be glad you did and everyone around you will benefit as well.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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