I’ll admit I’m a bit of a sucker for a new hashtag. Especially one that points to moving healthcare IT forward. So, you can imagine I was interested when my friends at Iron Mountain let me know that they were working on a new hashtag called #MakeHITCount.

Throughout HIMSS 2017, Iron Mountain will be collecting any mentions of #MakeHITCount on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn and using those tweets to create a cool photomosaic like the one below (click on it to see it in action):

I love those photomosaics, but I love showing appreciation for people even more. I also love the idea of pointing out the parts of Healthcare IT that are making a difference in people’s lives. Here are a list of ways that you can participate in the #MakeHITCount hashtag:

  • Share your story of why it’s important to #makeHITcount now more than ever
  • Share your story of how you #makeHITcount in your job role
  • Share your story of how health IT can #makeHITcount for clinicians or patients
  • Share your Health IT Hero, the person who inspires you to #makeHITcount
  • Challenge others to tell you how they #makeHITcount

It’s too easy for us to complain about healthcare IT. We need to spend more time sharing about how IT makes our lives better and show gratitude to the people that are making it better. I’m not saying we should ignore the challenges of using healthcare IT appropriately, but we also shouldn’t take for granted all the benefits that IT can and should provide.

I look forward to what you all share on #MakeHITCount. Maybe a wave of good can open our eyes to new possibilities, inspire people who are working in healthcare IT, and make Health IT live up to its potential.

Full Disclosure: Healthcare Scene occasionally gets paid to write blog posts for Iron Mountain’s blogs.

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John Lynn

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