Top Hospital EMR and EHR Blog Posts for 2016

It’s that time of year when you look back at the past year and think about what you’ve accomplished. At Hospital EMR and EHR, we like to look back at the stats for the top blog posts we’ve published. It’s always interesting to see what’s resonated with people. Plus, it’s interesting to see how things have changed since we’ve posted on a topic. So, without further ado, here’s a look at the top blog posts in 2016 for Hospital EMR and EHR along with some commentary on each.

1. Why Is It So Hard to Become a Certified Epic consultant? – This is by far the top post generating 4-10 times as much traffic as the posts below.  It’s also why I’ve wanted to make the time to do a whole series of blog posts on Epic Certification and along with it Cerner Certification, MEDITECH Certification, etc.  When you make something like Epic Certification hard to get, people want it even more.  It’s just too bad they’re so closed since it drives up the prices for Epic consultants and thus the cost to implement Epic.  Certainly, we’ll be writing about this more in the future.

2. NYC Hospitals Face Massive Problems With Epic Install – This was a big story back in 2013 and still is today.  We should probably look at doing a follow up story to see what’s happening at NYC hospitals a few years after this story hit.

3. Epic Install Triggers Loss At MD Anderson – No surprise, people love to read about challenges in EHR implementations.  We saw quite a few of these from Epic in 2016 and people were interested in what went wrong.  The problem from the outside is it’s really hard to know who is to blame for the failure.  What has become clear over this year is that many healthcare organizations are blaming Epic for their revenue issues.

4. Hospital EMR and EHR Vendors – This page needs some work, but no doubt many people want to know who the big players in the hospital EMR and EHR market are.  This is true if they’re selecting a new EHR, switching EHR or looking to partner with EHR companies.

5. Why Do People Dislike Epic So Much? Let Me Count The Ways – This post is 5.5 years old and still going strong.  I imagine many people are still counting the ways they hate Epic.  I think I read that Epic finally hired a PR person.  Maybe that new hire can work on this.

6. A Study on the Impact of ICD-10 on Coding and Revenue Cycle – This was a good study that illustrated the impact of ICD-10.  It also gave some good words of caution about the impact of ICD-10 going forward.

7. Epic EMR Costs Drag Down Finances At Brigham and Women’s – Another example of the cost to implement Epic.  I knew this was a hot topic this year and the stats show that people were interested in the details.

8. The Argument for Meditech – I can’t believe this post is 5 years old already, but it still rings true today.  MEDITECH is not without its challenges, but it also doesn’t get the credit it deserves either.  I had a chance to visit their offices near Boston this year.  I’ll be really interested to see where MEDITECH takes their product next.  Many people have counted them out, but I certainly haven’t.

9. Can HIM Professionals Become Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists? – We’ve published a lot about the changing world of HIM thanks to our new series of HIM Scene blog posts.  This post was a great example of how there are a lot of new opportunities for HIM professionals that are willing to embrace change and adapt as needed.

10. Great Healthcare IT Leaders – This is a great list of healthcare IT leaders as shared by David Chou.  David made the case for meeting up with them at HIMSS 2016, but the nice part is thanks to social media you can follow most of them year round.

An honorable mention to the 11th post on the list which talks about Dr. Rasu Shrestha helping an injured passenger on his way to HIMSS 2016.  Love stories like this.  Did you have a favorite post on Hospital EMR and EHR?  Was there an idea or concept you read on Hospital EMR and EHR?  We’d love to hear about it in the comments.

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