Are You a Great Boss?

There are all kinds of bosses and from my experience, your boss can make a crappy job ok and a good job great. It’s amazing how much impact your boss can have on your job satisfaction. With that said, hospital CIO, David Chou asked a really good question: What kind of boss are you?

The image David Chou shared offers 8 qualities that make great bosses unforgettable:

  1. They believe the unbelievable
  2. They see opportunity in instability and uncertainty
  3. They wear their emotions on their sleeves
  4. They protect others from the bus
  5. They’ve been there, done that…and still do that
  6. They lead by permission, not authority
  7. They embrace a larger purpose
  8. They take real, not fake risks

If you’re not a boss already, you’re likely going to be one in the future. For almost all of us, we have bosses and we’re other people’s bosses. So, understanding some of these qualities is a good thing for your career.

What I find most interesting about this list is that I think all of these are good ideas when implemented appropriately. However, if any of them are taken to the extreme, they can actually make you a bad boss. If you take too many real risks, then it can go too far and put you and your employees jobs in jeopardy. If you wear too much emotion on your sleeve that can be a bad thing as well.

While I find these ideas intriguing, I think the key to being a great boss is balancing all of these things appropriately. In fact, that’s what makes being a boss so difficult. It’s a balancing act and sometimes there’s no right answer. You just have to do the best you can do. However, the best bosses I know make a sincere effort and that shows in the way their people follow them.

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John Lynn

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