Gratitude for the #HITsm Community

When I wrote about the passing of the #HITsm torch to Healthcare Scene, I was so grateful thinking of the hundreds of incredible people in the #HITsm community that have impacted my life for good. There are too many stories to share here.

With that in mind, I knew that one key to my role in taking over the #HITsm Twitter chat was going to be to involve as many members of the #HITsm community as possible. I’ve already reached out and gotten commitments from @CancerGeek, @theGr8Chalupa, @ShimCode, @SarahBennight, and @Colin_Hung to help me curate the #HITsm hosts. I realized that if I did it alone, I would get sub-optimal results. However, by involving multiple people from a wide variety of perspectives we’d get a wide-ranging, diverse set of perspectives hosting the #HITsm chat.

While this is a great first step, I was inspired by @Matt_R_Fisher and @Resultant to open it up even more. Basically, let’s make it so the #HITsm Brain Trust can crowdsource the topics and hosts as much as possible. Matt and Joe also suggested that maybe out of these submissions we could create a set of topics that serve as a framework for discussions throughout the year. We’ll see what gets submitted, but I think it’s an interesting idea to have a number of themes that we cover in #HITsm throughout the year.

With this type of openness in mind, I created this form where anyone and everyone can participate by submitting topics and hosts for the #HITsm chat. Depending on the number of submissions, we may roll this into a survey where people can vote for topics and hosts they’d like to see most. We’ll still sprinkle in unique topics that might not be as popular though. Help us out and submit any ideas you have for #HITsm hosts and topics below:

Assuming the spam bots stay away, we’ve also made the submissions public so you can review what’s already been submitted before submitting your own. If you’d prefer to send us something privately, you can always connect with us on the Healthcare Scene contact us page or on Twitter (@techguy and @healthcarescene).

On this Thanksgiving week in the US, I also just wanted to say Thank You to all of the #HITsm community. The work we’re doing is important. Let’s all help each other to take what we’re doing to the next level. Healthcare needs us.

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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