The Most Interesting Things in Healthcare Are At the Intersections

Today my mind is reeling from everything I’ve seen and heard over the past couple weeks as I’ve talked to literally hundreds of incredible people. I’m currently at the MGMA Annual conference in San Francisco and tomorrow I’ll head to the CHIME Fall Forum in Phoenix. This is the crazy fall health IT conference where I could go to a conference every day of the week and still not attend them all. They’re invigorating, but also overwhelming at times.

However, as I sit here processing everything I’ve heard, I’m reminded of something I once heard (sorry that I don’t remember who first said it) that seems even truer today:

The most interesting things in healthcare lie at the intersections.

It’s such a simple, but powerful idea. There are so many things happening in healthcare. Some improve the way an organization runs. Some improve the quality of the data we have in healthcare. Some make coders more efficient. Some provide new revenue streams. etc etc etc.

All of these are good things, but the most powerful thing is when technology and behavioral science or technology and new business models or technology and some other aspect of technology cross paths. In fact, some of the best innovations don’t even include technology, but the inclusion of technology in these lists is my own personal bias. The intersection of different fields is where the real magic is going to happen. It won’t be enough to just be technology.

With that in mind, where do you see the greatest intersections happening in healthcare? Where should they be happening more?

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John Lynn

John Lynn

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  • Healthcare should be a continuum of Care and Education: Those who are vulnerable or fragile could be catered while being educated about what’s going on with them and their caregivers who should also be involved. Adult Education will be a core competence for those in healthcare professions. Kid’s Health Promotion will be a core competence for those in educational roles.

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