TOP 5 Healthcare Recruiting Tips

The following is a guest blog post by Bogdan Lupu.

Healthcare recruiting is a tough balancing act. You need to make the process easy enough, so you don’t loose great potential candidates, but complex enough so you don’t get overwhelmed by thousands of applicants.

Here are 5 Tips on how to best keep this balance.

1. Use a LinkedIn Application Button

Make it as simple as possible for each candidate to provide as much information as possible about his past. A simple LinkedIn integration can incentivize candidates to apply without having to write their whole professional history from scratch.

2. Prequalify all candidates with a short quiz  

With every opening there is a specific set of qualification required. Most of the time it is hard to find relevant clues about how good or bad a candidate can be. After checking the basic experience it usually requires an interview to see if it’s a fit. An online quiz can make the whole process much easier. You can include some basic relevant questions and a couple of tough ones to better scale the candidates. Based on the responses you can go to the next step only with the right applicants.

3. Ask for a referral from the get go

Later in the application process, in most cases, it is best to make a short inquiry for a reference.  This helps best understand the way a candidate integrates within a team and how peers or management perceives him/her.

By adding a simple reference field in your first application form you save more valuable time later in the process. The reference can be automatically asked to provide a couple of insights to the recruiting team.

4. Create automated response emails for better candidate engagement

Waiting for a call back is a tough time for any applicant. We are all aware that the process takes longer and that it involves a lot of resources. An automated email response, letting the candidate know that his application has been received and an estimate of how long it can take, usually makes the waiting easier.

5. Make an online survey for generic applications

Regardless of the type of job, we all have a dream employer. May it be the largest hospital in the city or the forward thinking practice down the street, we all know where we would like to work.

For unadvertised openings, provide more than just an email address where a candidate can get in touch. This feature is rarely used. Instead, create an online survey. You can let the candidates choose the specific areas of expertise and interest. This can all be summed up and when time comes you have a base of candidates which you can sort and contact as needed.