Huntzinger Management Group Announces Acquisition of Next Wave Health Advisors

SCRANTON, Pa.–The Huntzinger Management Group, Inc. (Huntzinger), a leader in healthcare advisory, managed, implementation, and supplemental staffing services, announced the acquisition of Next Wave Health Advisors, LLC (the Advisors). Founding Partner Bob Kitts, Chief Executive Officer of Huntzinger, made the announcement.

As part of Huntzinger, the Advisors will assist in providing healthcare advisory and managed services consulting. The Advisors will staff key advisory and managed services engagements with Huntzinger. Additionally, the Advisors will be actively involved in collaborating with Huntzinger leadership to formulate services most needed by and beneficial to the healthcare IT market.

The Advisors are a select group of experts who have helped shape the healthcare IT industry for the past several decades, and includes:

  • Frank Clark
  • Skip Hubbard
  • Ed Kopetsky
  • Peter Johnson
  • Rose Ann Laureto
  • Bill Montgomery
  • David Muntz
  • Sue Schade
  • Bill Spooner
  • Lynn Vogel
  • Jim Wagner
  • Eric Yablonka

“Huntzinger is a leader within the Healthcare IT industry. With the addition of the Advisors, Huntzinger has significantly expanded our knowledge base and resources within our advisory and managed service offerings. The Advisors and Huntzinger together provide sustainable strategic solutions for the healthcare IT industry,” stated Tanya Freeman, Huntzinger’s President, Chief Operating Officer, and Founding Partner.

Ivo Nelson, healthcare information pioneer, investor, and former Next Wave Health Advisors’ Chairman commented, “Finding the right partner for these preeminent healthcare leaders was our top priority, and Huntzinger is exactly such a partner.” He added, “Now there is a sound home for not only the current Advisors, but for future healthcare IT thought leaders as well.”

About The Huntzinger Management Group, Inc.
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About Next Wave Health Advisors, LLC.
The Advisors are preeminent leaders in healthcare information technology. Our team of executives played central roles in forming the modern-day HIT landscape over the past several decades, setting the bar in HIT leadership, management, technology, information security, business intelligence and organizational development. For more information, visit