Building a Usable Healthcare API

I’ve long believed that a rock solid API is going to be required by healthcare IT software companies and EHR vendors in particular. If we want hospitals and doctors to be able to accomplish everything they need to accomplish, we need APIs to connect providers to services that will better serve the patients. EHR vendors aren’t going to do everything. With this in mind, we thought that it was time to start a discussion on how to build a usable healthcare API.

On Thursday, September 8th at 3:30 PM ET (12:30 PM PT), join us LIVE in our latest Healthcare Scene interview, as we discuss healthcare APIs with the following experts:

2016 September - Building a Usable Healthcare API-Headshots
There are a lot of people who talk generally about an API, but very few that have executed it well in healthcare. CareCloud and ManaHealth are two healthcare companies that are trying to implement a health care API in the right way, so we’re excited to sit down with them to talk about their experience building healthcare APIs.

If you’ve never watched one of our live video interviews, you can watch it live on this YouTube page (includes Live Chat room as well) or just visit this post on the day of the event and watch the video embedded below:

We look forward to shedding more light on what it takes to build a high quality, usable healthcare API.

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  • Good topic. The question is the API the critical factor. There are well established APIs (SMART) to allow add on features to existing EHRS, there are established APIs (FHIR) to facilitate data exchange. Not sure creating another API will change anything. It is not a problem of skill, it is a problem of will. I am a fan of establishing a new law that requires any health data to be shared to a public repository or a public block chain (ultimately managed by the patient or their representative) prior to issuing payment for such services. Use what ever API you choose but once the data is uncoupled from the system/vendor/org it can be used to improve and advance health care.

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