Giving Up!

Giving Up!

Posted on 26. Jul, 2016 by in Career Coaching, Careers

I came across this quote on LinkedIn and thought it was the perfect message for many of us that are looking at our careers in healthcare IT. There’s a lot of challenges that we face and they’re likely only going to get more complicated. So, this quote seems appropriate to us as we think about our challenges and the future:

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I’ve been lucky that giving up has never been part of my makeup. I’ve been lucky that from an early age I’ve always been one that’s wanted to finish what he’s started. While I think some people have a higher propensity to follow through on things than others, I think its within all of us to not give up.

Giving up is a choice we can all choose to make or not make. Sometimes it’s a very hard choice, but it’s certainly a choice. What’s astounding to me is how many people do choose to give up. In the healthcare IT world they often don’t appear like they’ve given up, but when you look at their actions you can tell they’ve given up. It no longer matters to them and their coasting through their careers. It’s painful to watch and makes it really hard for an organization.

Don’t be one of those people who gives up. Keep going and doing the best you can regardless of your situation. We like to talk about the “overnight” success stories of people who overnight became successful. As you dig deeper into pretty much all of these stories you’ll find examples where these successful people wanted to give up and could have given up, but they preserved and years later became “overnight” successes.

You’ll never do anything extraordinary if you give up.

John Lynn

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