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My kids are out of school and driving my wife nuts. You know the drill if you have children. Since I work at home, I’m fully aware of what’s going on with the kids during summer break and so I try and help my wife where I can. This summer I had a great idea. I’d put my kids to work!

My kids love computers and anything to do with technology and so I figured if they were going to spend so much time in front of a screen, then they should find something productive to do. With that idea, I grabbed a bunch of quotes from previous blog posts we’d done on Healthcare Scene and asked my kids to turn those quotes into social media images I could share online.

Well, it turns out that only my 12-year-old had enough knowledge to do the work. The younger kids still have quite a bit to learn. The only other problem is my 12-year-old son is colorblind. So, that does produce some interesting results.

Long story short, take a look at some of the Healthcare Scene quotes that my son made. Not bad for a first try. I mostly love that he’s learning something useful. Let me know what you think. Each image links to the original post if you want to read the context.
Andy Slavitt - Physician Data Paradox

If you want patients to be prepared to care for themselves, treat them like adults and include them in what you’re doing.

Your online searches say a lot about your health, both physical and mental

Anyone could be breached and HIPAA will only protect you so much

How many healthcare ideas have been shot down because

HIM professionals should continue to assist in the quest for interoperability and electronic data sharing at the notion of patie

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