Government Involvement in Healthcare IT – How Meaningful Use Went Wrong

I have about 150 draft blog posts on EMR and EHR. Most of them are ideas for future posts. Unfortunately, I get so many new ideas, a lot of the drafts remain draft blog posts for long periods of time. I probably should create a better process for tracking my blog post ideas, but this was worked so far. Plus, it’s fun to go back and see what past ideas I had for posts and then think about how things have changed or whether that insight has stood the test of time.

This post is an example of that and the draft blog post contained a tweet that Greg Meyer shared during a #HITsm Twitter chat back in December 2014. Here’s the tweet:

No doubt Greg’s tweet resonated with me back in 2014 and still resonates with me today. In meaningful use, the government got way too deep into the how and caused all sorts of unintended consequences. We’d be in a much better position if the government would have just defined the measures and functions and not how you actually got there.

What’s interesting is that this is more or less what I’ve been hearing from Andy Slavitt in regards to MACRA. I’m not sure CMS has executed this vision well, but it’s at least hopeful that their leader is espousing a similar approach to what Greg describes above.

I’d also point out an insight I believe I first heard from Dr. Michael Koriwchak. He espoused the principle that CMS shouldn’t require the collection of any data which it wasn’t going to actually use. Think about how meaningful use would have been totally different if they’d employed this rule. What value is there to healthcare if we collect a whole bunch of data that’s never actually used to improve care?

Do you think CMS will get this right with MACRA? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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