Can Online Self-Scheduling Really Change the ER and Urgent Care Experience? – Communication Solutions Series

The following is a guest blog post by Laura Alabed-Olsson, Marketing Manager of Stericycle Communication Solutions, as part of the Communication Solutions Series of blog posts. Follow and engage with them on Twitter:@StericycleComms
Laura Alabed-Olsson
As a part of the team behind online self-scheduling solution InQuicker, I am asked this question a lot. When you’re dealing with the sickest of the sick of patients, can online self-scheduling really make a difference? Yes, it can. Let’s begin by looking at things from a patient’s perspective.

Imagine you’re sick. Really sick. You haven’t showered in a day or so. You’re in your pajamas and buried under the covers in your bed. Even if your favorite ER or urgent care is the best of the best – think big-screen TV, a beverage bar and a tall stack of your favorite magazines – wouldn’t you rather wait from home than this palace of a waiting room? Online self-scheduling makes this possible. You simply go to your preferred provider’s website. Select an estimated treatment time. Provide some basic information. And then you wait from home until it’s time to be seen. It’s that easy. (You still feel crummy, but at least a little bit happy that you won’t have to wait long when you get there, right?)

Now, let’s look at it from a provider’s perspective. With online self-scheduling, you have the benefit of knowing who’s coming in, why they’re seeking care, and when they’ll arrive – giving you plenty of time to prepare space and allocate resources. Online self-scheduling supports operational efficiency, big time.

Running behind and fearful that you can’t see a self-scheduled patient at their estimated treatment time? No problem. Just let them know when you’ll be ready, so that they can adjust their timing. Then, bask in the glow of knowing that when they do arrive, they’re certain to be happier than they would have been had they been sitting in the waiting room the entire time. Talk about getting the patient-provider relationship off on the right foot!

Today’s patients want – and increasingly expect – a patient-centric approach to healthcare. Online self-scheduling supports this (along with patient acquisition and retention, operational efficiency and care coordination). In fact, across the clients that use InQuicker for their online scheduling needs, we see patient satisfaction rates that average 90 percent.

Yes, online self-scheduling really can change (and improve) the ER/urgent care experience. Do you want happy patients and happy providers? Online self-scheduling could be the answer.

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