HealthIT Trends from Healthcare Marketing Leaders

Last week 180+ HealthIT Marketers gathered in Atlanta for the #HITMC conference hosted by John Lynn and Shahid Shah. This annual event brings together content creators, editors, graphics artists, strategists, analysts and managers from across the healthcare industry. It is a truly unique opportunity to learn from those that work at marketing agencies, publications, provider organizations, HealthIT companies and marketing vendors.

One of the things I love to do at #HITMC is ask fellow marketers what topics they are being asked to write about and create content for. This informal poll is a fantastic way to gain insight into what will be trending over the next few months in healthcare. Why? Because if someone in the #HITMC audience is writing about it, you can rest assured it’ll be something you will soon see in your Twitter, LinkedIn, RSS or Facebook feed.

Here is a sampling of the responses I gathered at #HITMC:

Chris Slocumb @CSlocumb – CQ Marketing

“We’re doing a lot of work on security. From the provider side we’re talking about whether the right safeguards are in place and from the vendor side we’re writing about how their tools can help with securing an organization. Analytics, HIEs and interoperability are also topics we are creating content for. Conversely we’re not seeing much in the area of patient engagement right now.”

Shereese Maynard MS @ShereesePubHlth – Envisioncare

“I find that I’m doing work in the area of Home Health right now. It’s something that providers are waking up to – the potential for care at home to help patients stay healthier at lower cost. Providers and patients alike are looking to read more on that topic. Personally I’m very interested in Direct Primary Care. I think it’s a topic that will bubble to the top soon.”

Scott CollinsAria Marketing

“Thought leadership is hot right now. It’s not exactly a specific topic, but I’m seeing a lot of companies hop onto the thought leadership bandwagon. It’s like vendors have suddenly woken up to the fact that getting ‘out there’ and demonstrating your expertise on a subject is going to lead to more business. It’s exciting. In terms of a topic, population health is something I’m seeing a lot of, but one level deeper than before. Instead of just defining it we’re going to be talking about how it will help specific communities. Oh and security is BIG.”

Beth Friedman @HealthITPR – Agency Ten22

“I’m seeing a lot of requests for content around bundled payments, revenue cycle and the new self-pay patient. The financial side of healthcare is changing.”

From the conversations at #HITMC, I would definitely say security and payment are the two hottest topics right now. Security isn’t really all that surprising given the number of recent ransomware attacks. The topic of payment and revenue cycle, however, caught me a little by surprise. I thought (hoped) interoperability or patient data access would have been a trending topic. Given the changes to reimbursement models, the movement to value-based care and the popularity of high-deductible health plans, it’s no wonder this is garnering a lot of readership/interest.

Shameless Plug: If you work in HealthIT marketing or for a HealthIT publication, I would strongly encourage you to attend #HITMC next year. Not only are the sessions educational, but by listening to the attendees you’ll get a pulse of what is trending in healthcare. Hopefully we’ll see you next year!

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Colin Hung

Colin Hung

Colin Hung is the co-founder of the #hcldr (healthcare leadership) tweetchat one of the most popular and active healthcare social media communities on Twitter. Colin speaks, tweets and blogs regularly about healthcare, technology, marketing and leadership. He is currently an independent marketing consultant working with leading healthIT companies. Colin is a member of #TheWalkingGallery. His Twitter handle is: @Colin_Hung.