What Happens After We Get Access to Our Medical Records?

Over the past few years, there has been a growing choir of patient voices asking for access to medical records. It started with a few courageous e-patients asking for their data – most notably David deBronkart aka @ePatientDave and Regina Holldiay @ReginaHolliday.

Now with the proliferation of tracking devices and wellness apps, more and more people are joining the choir including: vendors, government agencies and leading medical institutions. Although progress is still slow, it is now possible to imagine a day when all patients will have free and open access to their medical record.

This week’s #hcldr tweetchat asked the question…So What Next? What would be the first thing you would do if you had complete access to your own medical record? Below are some of the more interesting and notable answers.

Correcting errors in the medical record in order to avoid future adverse events was the most popular answer from the #hcldr community. Sharing the medical record was a close second:

There were a few data geeks in the #hcldr crowd who saw access as an opportunity to mine the record:

I think @mloxton is spot on with his tweet. I would definitely do the same – mostly to find out if there was a pattern in my medical record that could help predict future health issues. Armed with that information I would then make changes to my current behavior.

The most interesting use of medical record data came from Andy DeLaO @CancerGeek:

I’m thinking the world could use a few more @CancerGeeks…even virtual ones.

Matthew Katz MD had the most thought-provoking tweet relating to medical records:

Nothing comes without a price and Katz’s tweet certainly highlights a potential headache if the level of health literacy is not improved ahead of open access to medical records. I have faith though, that over the next few years we will see many more startups with technologies that can read medical records and produce plain-language interpretations as well as recommendations. That utopia can’t come soon enough.

For a curated summary of the #hcldr chat see this Storify.

What would you do if you had access to your medical record?

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Colin Hung

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