New Research From Greythorn Finds Gender Based Pay Inequality in Healthcare IT Industry

FEBRUARY 10, 2015 (SEATTLE)—According to new research from Greythorn about salaries in healthcare IT, men are five times as likely as women to report incomes of $160,000 or greater.

Greythorn conducted its annual Healthcare IT Market Survey in Q4 of 2015, covering issues of compensation, benefits, job perks, and career motivation. Responses were anonymous, and participants were asked to report which salary range best reflected their own pay. The 2016 Market Report shares those findings, and for the first time includes analysis of its income data in relation to gender.

Greythorn reports that the median salary range for male and female participants was the same: between $80,000 and $89,000. However, they also note that in the lowest income bracket included in the survey, women were disproportionately represented; of the respondents reporting income of $50,000 or less, there were three women for every man.

It is important to note that participants were not required to disclose their gender, and Greythorn’s research results are based solely on responses that included that information. For more information about the research or to request a copy of the 2016 Healthcare IT Market Report, visit

About Greythorn
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