Solution for “Too Many Clicks” Problem in EHR?

I’ve long been intrigued by the complaint I hear from doctors about “too many clicks” in the EHR. Long time readers may even remember my piano analogy which looks at the issue of too many mouseclicks and keystrokes in EHR software. I still think that largely applies today.

With that said, I’ve been fascinated to watch the evolution of click free solutions like what Note Swift is offering. Many are familiar with Dragon Naturally speaking an in particular the Dragon Medical product. It does amazing voice recognition. What I love about NoteSwift is that it takes Dragon’s voice recognition and integrates it naturally into the EHR interface.

Here’s a demo video that was all done by voice using NoteSwift to illustrate how it works:

I think it’s fascinating to see the evolution of these products. Plus, with things like Siri. “Ok Google”, and even Amazon Echo,we’re creating a culture of people who are use to using their voice to do things. So, that will help efforts like the one above.

No doubt doctors are blown away by the concept of documenting a patient visit with 1, 3, or 5 clicks. Now let me leave what’s available today and think into the future. Imagine a video EHR which was voice enabled. The doctor could literally go into the room and using video, voice recognition, NLP, technologies like NoteSwift, connected devices, etc they could easily chart a note with no clicks. While that’s not happening tomorrow, it’s not as far fetched as you might imagine.

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  • I agree. We need to untether doctors, etc., from their machines by immersing them in a responsive environment. This would allow them to focus on the patient’s problem, yet would capture the encounter’s findings, decisions, etc.

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