Most Popular Healthcare IT Articles of 2015

As we come to the end of 2015, I thought I’d take a minute and look back at our top 16 most read Healthcare IT articles in 2015.

6 Healthcare Incubators Growing the Future of HealthTech – Great article. No doubt there are more great healthcare incubators starting all the time. Looks like maybe we should go back and do an update.

Healthcare IT and EHR Conferences and Events – If you’re looking for healthcare IT related conferences and events, this page is a great resource. Along with showing our schedule of conferences and events, we also highlight some of the most popular healthcare IT conferences.

Crazy and Funny ICD-10 Codes – People love a good laugh. Amazing that this post in 2011 was still making people laugh in 2015. It would be interesting to see how many times these funny codes have been used since ICD-10 started on Oct 1, 2015.

Benefits of EMR or EHR Over Paper Charts – I love when people just complain about their EHR software. It’s amazing how quick we forget the benefits of EHR and start to take them for granted.

The 2015 #HIT99 Results Are In – I love this list of people. If you’re looking for an amazing group of healthcare IT people to follow, start with this list.

2014 EHR Mandate – I’m really glad that so many years later this post is still getting traffic. I’m still annoyed by people that say that EHR was mandated. This post outlines why it’s not mandated, but why you should consider EHR anyway (Note: Government money isn’t one of the main reasons)

Mark Cuban’s Suggestion to Do Regular Blood Tests – I was amazed at the brouhaha that Mark’s comments created. This post was my take on it. I side with Mark, but most people I read did not. This topic is going to become more and more important as more tests and sensors enter the market.

Best Scanners for High Volume Scanning in a Doctor’s Office – I need to update this post with the latest version of the various scanners out there. I’ll have to reach out to Fujistu, Ambir, and Canon to get updates on the latest scanners.

HIPAA Security and Compliance Thoughts from the Healthcare Cyber Security Summit – This is a great guest post by Anna Drachenberg. I always love when smart people take time to share their insights on this blog.

Practice Fusion Violates Some Physicians’ Trust in Sending Millions of Emails to Their Patients – This is still the article that took me the longest to write. In fact, it probably took me 10 times as long as any other article I’ve written. I’m glad that people are still reading it. It’s a story that every EHR vendor should learn about so they can avoid the same thing happening to them.

Digital Signatures in EMR – Signatures are still the biggest source of blame for paper in health care. Well, that doesn’t count printing from EHR software. I’m glad that we now have a number of great digital signature options. Much has changed since this post back in 2007.

EMR Companies Holding Practice Data for “Ransom” – I wish I could say that this isn’t a problem anymore. Unfortunately, I’m sure we’re going to see even more of it as organizations choose to switch EHR.

HIPAA Compliance and Windows Server 2003 – I wonder how many healthcare organizations still have Windows Server 2003 in production. I’m guessing far too much.

Examples of HIPAA Privacy Violations – More HIPAA Lawsuits Coming? In 2006 we knew that more HIPAA violations were coming, but I don’t think then we even dreamed of the size of the breaches that would occur. I think more HIPAA Lawsuits are still coming.

Firewall & Windows XP HIPAA Penalties – Same story with Windows XP as Windows Server 2003. You’re a brave soul to still run Windows XP in a healthcare organization.

The Next Major Healthcare Product – Care Management System – I still reference this article a lot when talking with people about trends in healthcare IT. I got my first PR pitch about a Care Management System. We’ll see if the term catches on. Regardless of whether the term catches on or not, the concept of a patient centered care management system is the next stage of what we need to provide care to patients.

Not a bad list. Looks like a few of the posts need updating. Something to look forward to in 2016. Happy New Year!

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