Healthcare Podcasts – Do You Listen?

Most of you know that I’ve started regularly doing a series of Healthcare Scene interviews. I have to tell you that it’s a lot of fun to sit down with really smart people and have them share their knowledge with the Healthcare Scene community. At the start of 2016, I’m planning to turn those interviews into the Healthcare Scene podcast. Thanks to the ubiquity of smart phones which provide easy access to podcasts and easier options for playing your cell phone through your car speakers, I see many more people subscribing to podcasts than did in the past.

Leading the Healthcare podcasting world is a group of 4 podcasters that now actually do a combined show as well which they call the Healthcare Podcasters. I couldn’t find a specific landing page for the Healthcare Podcasters because I think all 4 of the podcasters rotate who hosts the combined show and because it’s so new. I’ve attended a few of them and it’s always interesting to see how they’re trying to use the platform. You can see their latest episode here.

Here are the 4 podcasters that take part:

It’s interesting to see the mix. You can pretty much find a podcast on any topic that interests you these days. Some other great healthcare podcasts I’ve seen vary from The Change of Shift nursing podcast by Sean Dent to The Awesome DPC Doctor Show! podcast which talks about direct primary care. Jared Johnson created a list of a number of other healthcare podcasts too.

What do you think of all of these podcasts? Do you listen? Do you have others that you listen to and enjoy (healthcare related or not)?

I’d always been kind of down on podcasts, but as it’s become easy to get them on our wirelessly connected mobile devices I’ve become more of a fan. Between time in the car and exercise (which many are doing), you can really listen to a whole lot of audio content.

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John Lynn

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  • I’m a big reader, but with 2 little kids its been difficult to find enough down-time to get through books in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve used podcasts to fill the gap. I can listen while doing toe mundane stuff around the house and it makes those tasks more enjoyable. From your list I listen to Jared Johnson and Joe Lavelle pretty regularly. I even recorded one with Joe a few weeks back. Other favorites include TechTonics, The Tim Ferris Show, Startup and the Spartan Up podcast. The last 3 aren’t healthcare related, but do apply generally to everything I do and are really entertaining. I look forward to hearing the Healthcare Scene Podcast soon.

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