How Many Wearable Devices Were Sold for Christmas 2015?

I searched high and low for this number and couldn’t find it. The best I could find is that no one really knows how many devices were sold. Everyone just knew that a lot of them were sold.

Fitbit has put out numbers that it sold almost 11 million Fitbits in 2014 and 21 million Fitbits (Data as of 5/7/15) since their launch. Word on the street was that Fitbit sales on Black Friday and Cyber Monday were slow for Fitbit, but that it’s picked up since then. Maybe that’s the new Amazon mentality kicking in since Amazon Prime only takes 2 days to deliver your item. In fact, they clearly tell you when the package is going to arrive. So, procrastinators like me know exactly how long they can delay in buying their gifts.

No matter the specific number, you can be sure that a huge number of wearable devices like the Fitbit are going to hit the market. Although, even more interesting than the Fitbit to me is all of the smart watches that include Fitbit like functionality. I think I have 2 Fitbits at home in a drawer somewhere. However, people that where a watch often do it every day.

Even more interesting is the cell phone in the pocket. That’s one of the only, “go back and get it” items in our life now. So, we literally always have it. I honestly don’t feel safe driving without mine now. Although, I shouldn’t be concerned since anyone who stops is going to have one I could use (of course that assumes that I remember any cell phone numbers to call for help). You can be sure there are going to be a lot of cell phones under the tree this Christmas as well. That’s a whole suite of medical smart phones that will be available for health care.

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