What Piece of Advice Would You Offer HIM Directors?

As we end the year, I found Rita’s advice for HIM professionals in the video embedded below to be quite interesting. What piece of advice would you offer HIM Directors? Join me in the comments and share your advice with the HIM community here at HIM Scene.

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Erin Head

Erin Head

Erin Head is the Director of Health Information Management (HIM) and Quality for an acute care hospital in Titusville, FL. She is a renowned speaker on a variety of healthcare and social media topics and currently serves as CCHIIM Commissioner for AHIMA. She is heavily involved in many HIM and HIT initiatives such as information governance, health data analytics, and ICD-10 advocacy. She is active on social media on Twitter @ErinHead_HIM and LinkedIn. Subscribe to Erin's latest HIM Scene posts here.


  • Find a peer support group with whom you can share your ideas and concerns. “Peer support Group” is the fancy term for having colleagues that you can call and who can call you for advice. Over my years as an HIM Director, the concerns raised were calls for reassurance that the HIM Director was doing the right thing. They usually were, but were butting heads with physicians or administrators who did not want to hear of follow the sound advice the HIM Director was giving. As a consultant, I found the same pressing need from the HIM Directors on whom I called: the need for being told that they were indeed doing the right things.

  • This is so true, John. Having peer support and a great HIM team are crucial to our success. As subject matter experts of HIM, we need to present recommendations in a way that gains the trust and respect of the administrators and physicians while nurturing a positive relationship to conquer our objectives. Thanks for your feedback!

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