What Does It Take to Create the Ideal Patient Experience? – #MyIdealPtExp

This new world of social media has created so many virtual friends for me. Over time I’ve had a chance to meet so many of them in person. While sometimes it’s a disappointment meeting someone in person, I’ve also had the opposite experience. This happened at RSNA when I got a chance to meet Andy DeLaO (@CancerGeek) in person. I’d always been impressed by his insightful tweets over the years. So, I was blown away when he was even more impressive and insightful in person. I love it when that happens.

One of the most impressive things he showed me was his new effort around what he calls My Ideal Patient Experience. He even had these really cool coins to hand out which was a great way for me to remember his concept:
My Ideal Patient Experience
Andy the team behind My Ideal Patient Experience has gone through the research and defined the patient experience using these 4 pillars:

  • Time
  • Trust
  • Transparency
  • Transitions

However, it’s worth considering the connective tissue between all 4 pillars:

Time Leads To Trust, Trust Leads To Transparency , Transparency Leads To Transitions; The 4t’s Lead To Relationships And Success!

Andy and his team have been at this for a while even though they’re just now getting their official patient experience website launched. I love that they’re even keeping track of their stats:

  • 50,850 Patients Impacted
  • 878 Physicians Engaged
  • 46 Clients Worked With
  • 30 Completed Projects

If you’re looking to improve the way you engage with patients or your patient experience, take a second to look at the consulting, market research, healthcare engagement, and education resources they offer. After my experience finally meeting Andy in person, I’m excited to see the impact for good “My Ideal Patient Experience” will have on healthcare. Plus, I look forward to digging into the concepts even more in the future.

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John Lynn

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