A Healthcare Holiday Tale: Horace & the Messaging Miracle

The following is a great health care holiday poem written by the team at DataMotion Health. Thanks to them for sharing their creativity with us. You can download a beautiful PDF version of the poem here.

Horace had health woes that were very much chronic,
His doctors were stymied, could not find a tonic.
It ruined his holidays last year, and worse,
He was never quite able to get rid of the curse.

He ran here for some blood work, scurried there for a scan,
The results never made it back to his primary’s hands.
Referrals were lost, prescriptions weren’t made,
If they’d contacted him, oh the time he’d have saved!
Horace Intro 1
Still the thing that pushed Horace right over the edge,
Was the breach that gave his data to hackers instead.
Now his rombosis was raging, his hacknoids inflamed,
Must he cancel his holidays at Aunt Esther’s again?

So with brimstone and ire he called Doc Minty B. Cone,
Even nursing heard cursing coming out of the phone.
“Egad,” moaned Doc Minty, “Is there a solution that’s near?
There’s no reason for this…I could so use a beer!”
horace yelling doc-minty-image 2
“A solution, need you?” quipped Tim Tan from IT.
“I’ve got one that you’ll love if you’ll listen to me.
It allows sharing data ‘cross the continuum of care
O’er the internet securely, there’s nothing to fear.”

“Each doctor would know what the other was doing.
Could a reaction to treatment be Horace’s undoing?
The blood work results, the hacknoidial scan?
With the click of a mouse, they’d be in your hands.”

“Not so fast,” said Doc Minty, “I know what comes next,
A list of techno to-dos that will leave us all vexed!”
Tim Tan smiled broadly and smugly replied,
“This can be done in the cloud – it’s not pie in the sky.”

“There are Health ISPs to get it set straight away,
No wires or briars, sometimes done in a day.
Encryption with ease, no security keys,
Works just like email, the whole thing’s a breeze!”
minty and tim-tan image 3
“And when you bring in the patient…when the info is flowing?”
“Better outcomes!” cried Minty, “I know where you’re going!”
“Exactly, good Doctor,” Tim Tan said with a smirk.
“Patient engagement’s the future!” and he started to twerk.

Minty had to admit it – there was nothing to fight.
This gyrating hipster was actually right!
Then Tim Tan settled down and without further defiance.
Discussed without thrust how it helps with compliance.

“What’s that?” came the voice of the new CCO.
“Our tracking not causing us any more woes?”
And when he detailed the subsidies of Meaningful Use,
The CFO burst in with the force of a moose.

Doc Minty looked up to see a crowd gathered,
More doctors, more staff, all worked up in a lather.
He knew what to do as they joined him in chorus,
“Secure communications – it’s time we saved Horace!”

Then they raced down the hallway and into the eve,
As Tan wiped away tears with the sleeve of his tweed.
They spilled out of the lobby into snow soft and white,
Crying “Better healthcare for all and to all a goodnight!”
Running into the night image 4
Later next evening, Horace gave out a shout.
A message from Minty, “Now what’s this about?”
An appointment was scheduled for Tuesday at three.
All his doctors were assembled and stifling their glee.

“Horace,” said Minty, “You were right on the money.
We weren’t on the same page, and while I know it’s not funny,
Communication amongst us is now done securely.
We’ve shared all the data and know why you feel poorly.”

Dr. Janacek started, “I prescribed Noodlerspec,
An anti-inflammatory that keeps hacknoids in check.”
“But the cream that I gave to grow hair on your head,
Can make them balloon!” Doc Grizzly Bales said.

“And the pressure resulting makes rombosis rage,”
Added a lab tech named Prudence, who preferred the name Paige.
Then Doc Minty leaned over and with a gleam in his eye,
Held a single pill out and said, “Now, give this a try.”
horace gets pill image 5
One giant gulp later Old Horace was well!
His rombosis gone! His hacknoids unswelled!
He went home, packed his bags and then hopped on a plane
To celebrate the holidays at Aunt Esther’s again.

The family gathered ‘round as Horace pulled up a site,
A new patient portal they viewed through the night.
They saw all his scans, test results and those files.
They were mostly grossed out but couldn’t help smile.

“It’s just as it should be – I know what’s going on!”
Horace even broke into a Festivus song.
And his hair spilled out grandly as he tossed up his hat,
Frightening Aunt Esther and all her eight cats.
horace-aunt-esther (003) final image 6
For Tim Tan, his advice had finally been heeded,
The practice ran better, that’s all that he needed.
The staff was more efficient and now had a way
To communicate securely and keep hackers at bay.

As for Minty, he smiled, though he scraped away ice.
Climbed into his car and checked his mobile device.
And there found a message from Horace of good cheer;
“Happy holidays Doc, and a healthy New Year!”

Happy holidays and a healthier new year from DataMotion Health!
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