Chronic Care Management Infographic

Smartlink Mobile Systems has put out an infographic that looks at interest in the chronic care management program by physicians. This data is quite interesting since the chronic care management program has been one of the popular topics at the MGMA annual conference this week. There’s a lot of discussion about the program and a lot of organizations trying to work out how to do the program effectively. I think that’s illustrated in the graphic below.
Chronic Care Management Infographic

What do you think of the Chronic Care Management program? Are you participating? Are you planning to participate? I’m sure we’ll be writing a lot more about this in the future.

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  • Interesting statistics but it doesn’t need to be this hard. My care-planning application puts a best-in-class, physician designed, holistic person-centered care plan at the center of a value-based care transformation tool for organizations of all sizes.

    I’ve heard CMS leadership firsthand speak about their strong desire to get more practices and organizations participating in CCM—they know it can drive positive outcomes, patient satisfaction and lower acute care utilization. AMA, ACP, AGS, AAFP, GAPNA, etc. are all walking in lockstep with CMS on advocacy for increased participation—an uncommon occurrence.

    Driven by goal-directed care, and transformative new revenue opportunities, we provide a bridge to value-based care—enabling FFS success while facilitating organizational investment in value-based care infrastructure—also being careful to not disrupt practitioner workflow.

    While ideal for call centers/care management architecture, clinical staff with various credentials (MA, LPN, pharmacy technician, RN, etc) within practices and organizations of all sizes can own their patient’s care plan, in collaboration with the team’s physician/practitioners.

    We expect to more than triple the compliant utilization of person-centered care planning, goal-directed care and chronic care management codes in the U.S. within the next year.

    There’s simply no good reason not to use us.

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