The First Interoperable Patient Healthcare App In America Hits Apple and Android App Stores

Greenville, SC – The long wait for patient interoperability is over. ChartSpan has released new patient technology that can request, receive, manage and send any healthcare record.

ChartSpan is now available for free for patients on iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone and Android tablet in the Apple and Google app stores. ChartSpan is also available as a web portal on any desktop or laptop.

“ChartSpan is a powerful new healthcare tool for consumers,” said Jon-Michial Carter, CEO of Chartspan. “We built technology for patients that ensures they can use a single app to manage every healthcare encounter for themselves and members of their family. The days of forcing patients to manage multiple medical portals and apps is over.”

ChartSpan developed advanced data conversion technology that ensures a patient can import any healthcare record, regardless of whether the record is in electronic or paper form. ChartSpan includes the ability to import medical records from the following sources and convert them into organized, readable digital data;
●       patient medical portals
●       tethered mobile apps
●       CCDA files from provider EHRs, via Direct protocol (BlueButton+)
●       files from Dropbox
●       files from Google Drive
●       email attachments
●       CD or CD­ROM
●       faxes
●       all paper records

“Interoperability requires the ability to interface with many different formats, file types and systems,” said ChartSpan Senior Medical Officer and VP of Product, Patrick Carter. “We’ve integrated electronic technologies that interface with Meaningful Use certified EHRs and provider based portals. We also recognize that a majority of patients are still receiving their records and information sent to them by clinics and hospitals in paper form. So, we built simple user functionality that captures those images and converts them to digital data.”

Patients no longer need to manage multiple portals or mobile apps given to them by doctors, clinics and hospitals. Users authorize ChartSpan to retrieve records from any provider portal or app and ChartSpan automatically uploads the records into the patient’s private and secure account in ChartSpan.

“We took a contrarian approach to interoperability,” said ChartSpan’s CEO, Jon-Michial Carter. “Every vendor in healthcare is building patient engagement products for providers, then pushing them down to patients. It’s a fatal strategy. It’s why patient engagement numbers are terrible and the ONC was forced to lower Meaningful Use Stage 2 engagement benchmarks earlier this year.” Carter continued, “The healthcare industry needs to understand that if you want to engage and delight patients you have to build products for patients, not doctors.”

ChartSpan’s dedication to patients has paid off, recently becoming the most downloaded medical app in America. The company is delivering user engagement numbers 400­500% higher than those required in Meaningful Use Stage 2.

“We worked with hundreds of patients to develop our platform and user experience,” explained ChartSpan’s VP of Marketing, Armen Allahverdian. “Patients taught us what they care about and what they want. Most importantly, we learned how to effectively engage patients and drive usability of our engagement platform.”

According to a recent survey by Accentue, 84% of patients want electronic access to their health records and 69% want to have the ability to message their doctor. With ChartSpan, patients can easily do both.

“Adding the ability to securely message your doctor was an important feature we added to ChartSpan,” says ChartSpan’s Chief Technology Officer, Robert McCarthy. “Security and privacy are critical requirements within ChartSpan. We have implemented encryption to ensure every patient’s data is safe and secure. We are proud to be HIPAA compliant.”

ChartSpan is free for patients and can be downloaded on iTune or Google Play. ChartSpan is also available as a web portal, and can be accessed by clicking here.

About ChartSpan:
ChartSpan provides patient “engagement-as-a-service” (EaaS) products to healthcare providers and patients. We go beyond software products like portals and tethered mobile apps. ChartSpan combines our patient software platform, including the #1 most downloaded medical app in the U.S., with personalized marketing and unique analytics to drive increased levels of patient engagement.