ICD-10 Animation Training Videos

The following is a post by Vishal Gandhi, CEO of ClinicSpectrum as part of the Cost Effective Healthcare Workflow Series of blog posts. Follow and engage with him on Twitter @ClinicSpectrum and @csvishal2222.
Vishal Gandhi
Last month we wrote about the need to use more video animation in healthcare. As we’ve ventured into the video animation space, we’ve realized the power of a really well done video animation. In just a few minutes a video animation can educate someone on a complex concept in a fun and entertaining way.

In just a few short days healthcare is going to be hit by one of the biggest changes it has seen in a long time. If you’re like me, you’ve started to see many of your colleagues and friends on Facebook posting about not being prepared for ICD-10. Prepared or not, ICD-10 is coming on October 1st.

As part of the preparation for ICD-10, we’ve been working with a number of companies and providers to create ICD-10 video animation training. We’ve created some broad ICD-10 training videos like this video on ICD-10 implementation steps and highly focused training videos like this video on ICD-10 Codes for Acute Bronchitis. We’ve also created the top 20 ICD-10 codes for Pulmonary, Gastroenterology, Family/Internal Medicine, Podiatry, Cardiology, and Radiology.

When you start hearing your colleagues complaining about all the “funny” ICD-10 codes, you might want to share with them this video:

These videos have been a great way to educate people on ICD-10 in a fun and interesting way. Next up we’re working on videos that educate healthcare on our PQRS registry. PQRS is becoming more and more important in healthcare and many people still don’t understand it well. We believe these PQRS videos will help those working on PQRS.

Where would you like to see more video animations in healthcare? We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you think video animation could be effective.

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