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Communities are amazing and that’s especially true of the healthcare social media community. For those who didn’t see it, we recently held the #HIT99 to recognize and thank those people who’ve been active in the healthcare social media community. You can see the official #HIT99 rankings listed here along with a number of other lists to help you find some interesting healthcare people on social media.

Steve Sisko (@shimcode) did all the massive work associated with collecting the nominations for the #HIT99 and he published the raw data for anyone to use. We both hoped that people would use that data to do cool things for the community. Luckily Don Lee (@dflee30) did just that when he created the #HIT99 List site. Here’s a description of how the #HIT99 site came to be:

A few weeks ago on the #HITSM chat a bunch of people were talking about how it would be nice to have a central blog site for the HIT99 list. I suggested a relatively easy way to do it. Rather than being the “here’s how we should do this” guy who then does nothing, I went ahead and built it. My goal is to provide an MVP that solves just the original problem – create a central place for the HIT99ers to tell us some more about what they do and more importantly, why they do it.

I love what he’s started, because it’s always fun to learn something more about the people behind the list. He’s started collecting people’s profiles (including mine) and he has details for how to update your profile if you’re on the list and haven’t sent over your info yet. Let’s all support Don and get our profiles updated.

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John Lynn

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