Managing and Tracking EHR Consultants

On every big EHR go live, one of the biggest expenses is your EHR consultants. Plus, it is a major logistical challenge to organize and track all of these EHR consultants on the project as well. It’s no wonder that so many EHR projects go over budget when you consider how complex it is to manage all of the moving parts like EHR consultants.

Greythorn recently put out a great whitepaper that gave a good look into how they and their LIVESite product was used to manage an Epic go-live project at Northwest healthcare system. In the whitepaper they were onboarding 43 positions and they said this means that Greythorn had 2,230 tasks to complete. Shows you a small glimpse into the complexity of these implementations and managing the people involved in them.

However, I was most intrigued by this graphic in the whitepaper:
EHR Consulting Time and Expenses
What a great look into the number of hours spent on an Epic EHR implementation and the cost associated with the EHR consultants.

The Greythorn whitepaper is a free download (doesn’t even require a registration) and contains a lot more details on who they hired, how much everything cost, and the consultants’ satisfaction. Check it out for all the details. Plus, you can find a bunch of great healthcare IT jobs on Greythorn’s Healthcare IT Central page.

How does your experience with EHR consultants compare with Greythorn? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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  • Eye-opening graphic, but not all surprising. If you think about the process engineering that goes on, participation (or lack thereof) is what makes or breaks EHR implementation success. No matter how much forewarnings I give, the key stakeholders always seem to underestimate the time success takes.

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