Periscope and Healthcare – Healthcare Scene “Minute”

Last week I posted a question on EMR and HIPAA: Do You Periscope? I’m sure that many readers had no idea what periscope even is even though there are more than 10 million Periscope accounts created to date. After writing the post, the discussion about Periscope was hopping on Twitter and so I decided that it would be fun to try something new. I call it the Healthcare Scene “Minute”.

What’s the Healthcare Scene “Minute”? Well, I basically hop on Periscope and spend ~1 minute talking about a topic related to healthcare IT. Since doing the Periscope 21 hours ago, I’ve had 24 replay viewers and I had 38 live viewers. Not a bad start. You can view the video on periscope for the next few hours here.

What I realized when I started the Periscope is that many people would love to talk about something more than just the topic I planned to talk about for a minute or 2 (or 3 in the case below). So, for now the Healthcare Scene “Minute” periscopes I do will start with 30 seconds to a minute intro where people get a chance to join live. Then, I’ll talk for a minute on a specific topic. After I finish a quick look into a specific topic, I’ll stay on and answer questions from those who attend for as long as I have time.

In case you missed the live Periscope linked above, here’s a look at the chopped out Healthcare Scene “Minute” video where I talk about Periscope (seemed like an appropriate topic for my first Periscope):

In the Q&A that followed, someone asked an important question, How Can Periscope Be Used in Healthcare? Turns out in my Healthcare Scene minute (which wasn’t much time even at 3 minutes) I mostly talked about Periscope and how it fit in social media and video streaming and not how it applied to Healthcare. So, here’s my in the moment response to how Periscope can be used in healthcare:

I asked on Twitter if I should be consistent in my Periscopes. I decided that I’d be consistently inconsistent. Although, I’m already planning to do the next Healthcare Scene “Minute” today where I’m going to talk about the cost of Epic (Update: Here’s a link to the Periscope stream I did today. I forgot to hit the save button and so it will be gone after 24 hours. Lesson learned!). Hopefully I’ll see you on Periscope.

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