Why Aren’t We Using More Video Animations in Healthcare?

The following is a post by Vishal Gandhi, CEO of ClinicSpectrum as part of the Cost Effective Healthcare Workflow Series of blog posts. Follow and engage with him on Twitter @ClinicSpectrum and @csvishal2222.
Vishal Gandhi
In healthcare we have a bit of an obsession with paper. We have stacks of education sheets in our office or print these sheets from our EHR. That’s not a bad thing, but most of them aren’t well designed and are generally ignored by patients. The same is true in marketing. I get stacks of paper in my mailbox full of marketing material from various companies that basically get ignored. It’s so bad that we’ve created a term for it: junk mail.

Isn’t it time that healthcare start looking beyond the paper and start embracing better ways of engaging patients and staff in our education and marketing? All you need to do is look at the popularity of YouTube to know that videos are not only powerful, but popular.

Humor and video animations are a great way to really engage the patient. Plus, they take education to an entirely new level. When you think about the complex problems we deal with in healthcare, a compelling video is the most effective way to educate patients and staff. A short well designed video is a powerful way to simplify a complex problem. Plus, your patients and staff are more likely to remember a high quality video.

At ClinicSpectrum, we’ve been working to develop a video animation capability which supports healthcare’s need for more engaging and effective video content. We’re just getting started, but here’s a quick look at some of the types of videos we’ve created to further the goal of more engaging videos in healthcare:

Healthcare Education and Patient Engagement Videos
Creating a Healthy Diet Plan – A simple patient education video
ICD-10 Training Videos – A series of short videos to train healthcare on ICD-10
Medical Billing Training Videos – These short videos train on the billing rules for the internal medicine specialty

Company Marketing
OB GYN Practice Profile – A great video profile of the Healthy Woman OB GYN practice
Company Brand Building Videos – This video outlines ClinicSpectrum’s Revenue Cycle Management services
New Company Leader Introduction – A great way to introduce a new leader to your customers and feature your company

Conference Introduction Profiles – Here’s an example of a speaker introduction at a conference

Of course, we’re just getting started with what’s possible with video in healthcare. Do you use great videos in your practice, hospital, or organization? Would you like to see videos created about certain topics? We’d love to hear your thoughts on where you’ve seen video to be effective in healthcare or where you think it would be effective.

The future of medicine is going beyond the 15 minute office visit and engaging the patients whenever and wherever they might be. Plus, training staff is an ongoing challenge. Video is a great way to quickly educate patients and staff on important topics in a unique and often fun way. It’s time we go beyond the paper and start engaging in a much more dynamic way.

The Cost Effective Healthcare Workflow Series of blog posts is sponsored by ClinicSpectrum, a leading provider of workflow automation solutions for healthcare. ClinicSpectrum offers a video animation service that will take your healthcare education and marketing to the next level. Connect with Clinic Spectrum on social media: @ClinicSpectrum.

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