ICD-10 – Is Your Hospital Ready?

There’s been some interesting ICD-10 news coming out lately. It make sense since we’re just over 2 months from the October 1st implementation date. I recently made the case that there will be no more ICD-10 implementation delay now that AMA and CMS have joined together. I think that’s the best assurance we can get that ICD-10 will go forward with no more delay. Although, I’m sure that many hospitals will still play Russian roulette and hope for another delay. I think that’s a dangerous strategy.

For those people that still think ICD-10 is a joke (and there are plenty of funny codes), Jennifer Della’Zanna did a good job looking at the “funny ICD-10 codes” and providing some perspective. My biggest takeaway from her analysis is that there have been funny ICD-9 codes and we didn’t make a big deal out of it. Why are we making a big deal out of the rarely used “funny” codes in ICD-10?

Leave it to Brad Justus to put the funny ICD-10 codes in perspective with a little humor:

What are you doing to get prepared? Have you checked with your software vendors? Do you know that they’re really ready or just gotten lip service? Not all ICD-10 implementations are created equal. Will your payers be ready? Do you have an ICD-10 claim monitoring service so you can know which payers aren’t ready on go live date? How’s your ICD-10 training going for your doctors, billers, etc?

I believe that ICD-10 is on its way. Is your hospital ready? Sadly, I think many hospitals won’t wake up to ICD-10 until October 1st. It’s not going to be pretty at those organizations.

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