The Importance of Information Governance in Healthcare – Where Should We Start?

As more and more health data is being captured be health organizations, health information governance is becoming an extremely important topic. In order to better understand what’s happening with health Information Governance, I sat down with Rita Bowen, Senior Vice President of HIM and Privacy Officer at HealthPort, to talk about the topic. We shot these videos as one long video, but then chopped them up into shorter versions so you could more easily watch the ones that interest you most. You can find 3 of the videos below and 2 more over on Hospital EMR and EHR.

The State of Information Governance

What’s HIM’s Role in Health Information Governance?

Where Should We Start with Information Governance?

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John Lynn

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  • Great points John and Rita! I agree – information is exploding and healthcare organizations are struggling to develop and implement an information governance strategy to manage all the data. I think one of the biggest pain points that has to be solved is the fact that physicians have to log into so many systems and platforms to see all patient data. In order to succeed, all of a patient’s information should be in one consolidated system and should integrate seamlessly with existing applications to help provide structure, increase adoption and ultimately improve security. To get your organization started, I think hospitals should conduct an assessment of their system to uncover opportunities, in addition to connecting with other hospitals to learn more about how they are achieving success. – Michael Kortan, Xerox, @MichaelKortanXerox

  • Mike,
    It’s a good point. Proliferation of systems is a major challenge in health information governance. I think merging them into one system can help. Plus, to integrate them into 1 system requires you to actually analyze and understand the data in the various systems.

    Thanks for your insights!

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