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A few of my healthcare social media friends were talking about why there was no #HIT100 this year and suggested that in true social media fashion someone should pick it up and run with it and I was nominated. I’m always happy to run with a good idea. Especially when @ShimCode offered to take care of the hard work. We also wanted to respect that we didn’t start the #HIT100 and so we created our modified version called the #HIT99. In open source we’d call that a fork of the original project. Hopefully we can still have the same spirit of fun and healthcare social media discovery that was embodied by the original #HIT100 (See last year’s unofficial list).

The first #HIT100 was started by @theEHRGuy as a great way to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday and turned out to be a fun way to get to know many of the various healthcare social media influencers throughout the summer. This summer we hope we can do the same with the #HIT99.

If you missed past versions, the #HIT99 is a way for you to recognize your peers, friends, and heroes who have been contributing to the #HealthIT, #HITsm, #hcsm, #HITchicks, #hcldr, and other related communities through their tweets, blogs, books, etc. Your nomination is a small reward for their efforts and all of the nominations in aggregate make for an amazing list of people working to improve healthcare. Plus, we’re looking at having a great #HIT99 celebration/meetup at 2016 HIMSS in Las Vegas as well.

In order to make the nominations more meaningful, we ask that all nominations include the person being nominated, the #HIT99 hashtag, and a short phrase or hashtag identifying why you’re nominating that person. Explaining “Why” is not required, but you’ll receive bonus points from the person you’re nominating and the rest of the community for doing so.

Here’s an example nomination: “I nominate @HITConfGuy to the #HIT99 list, because he makes it easy for me to filter through the mass of tweets during HIMSS.”

We’ll be using the following rules for counting nominations:
1. Twitter accounts must have existed prior to today.
2. The nomination process is completely socially biased, but we’ll filter obvious abuse where reasonable (Did the Chilean Princess with no followers really nominate you?).
3. RTs will be counted if they include the required elements.
4. Thank you RTs by the person being nominated will not be counted, but we do encourage sincere gratitude being expressed to those who nominate you. If you remove the nomination from your tweet you’ll have more room to show thanks without cluttering the stream.
5. There will only be one round of voting.
6. Please do not include the #HITsm or other hashtags unless they apply to the person(s) being nominated. Let’s be conscious of unnecessarily adding tweets to everyone’s stream.
7. Nominations will be counted at the sole discretion of the hosts (This is for fun anyway, so don’t stress it.)
8. Last but not least, you must have lots of fun!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the nominations and the final list of 99 healthcare social media influencers. Plus, I can’t wait for all the tweets joking that they’re part of the 99.

Legal Disclaimer: By submitting a nomination, you agree that any statements are your own opinion otherwise you would not have written or tweeted the message. All statements, whether funny or not, are your own information and thoughts. Funny tweets add no weight to your vote, but if you make us laugh we’ll love you for it. All other generic disclaimers apply, we just couldn’t take up any more words to state them.
Thanks @Matt_R_Fisher

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John Lynn

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