2300 Blog Posts and 11 Million Pageviews Later

For those that don’t know the history of EMR and HIPAA, I wrote the first post on EMR and HIPAA back on December 11, 2005. It’s fun to read that first post. Short and sweet. I hit some high level points which amazingly still represent my desires 10 years later. “I will try to incorporate any aspects of EMR and HIPAA because I think best practices across the industry are important to know.” – I still try to incorporate any aspect of healthcare IT. Lately I’ve been writing even more about the business of medicine, but I still try and find best practices.

In my original post I invited people to participate in the conversation. I still desire this greatly, but I’ve found that much of the conversation has moved to social media versus the blog comment section. Plus, as I’ve refined my blogging skill, it avoids many comment threads. In the beginning I wasn’t as skilled and so there was a lot of opportunity to correct me which made for great comment threads.

The last line of that original post really expressed my understanding of EHR at the time: “This is my best knowledge from my research and is not guaranteed in anyway.” Pretty funny that I thought to put in a disclaimer from the start. When I started I knew so little. It’s amazing how much you can learn over 10 years. Yet, I’m still learning.

5 months into my EMR and HIPAA blogging journey I celebrated reaching 30,000 visitors to my blog. I was amazed by my achievement. Little did I know that less than 10 years later I’d be celebrating 2300 blog posts and 11 million pageviews. For some perspective, we celebrated 3 million pageviews in August 2010 and then last Valentine’s day we celebrated 9 million pageviews. I was nostalgic for those posts and still am today.

I’m really not sure how to process 2300 blog posts and 11 million pageviews for one of my Healthcare Scene blogs. I mostly feel to say: Thank you!

I never thought I’d be a full time blogger when I grew up, but I feel lucky to do so. Over the past 5 years as a full time blogger, it’s been amazing to see the blogging business model change. When I started blogging people were happy to buy links from my site (We stay far away from that now). We always have done some pay per click and display advertising and those both still do quite well for us. However, as we’ve matured, we’ve been able to offer a variety of email marketing and sponsored content options which really take healthcare IT marketing to the next level.

With that in mind, I want to take a second to thank those companies who are currently supporting the work we do here at EMR and HIPAA. Without their support, none of this would be possible.

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What I love about each of these companies is that they are looking to promote their company, but they’re also interested in supporting the work we do here at EMR and HIPAA. Almost all of them are not only sponsors of the site, but also readers of the site as well.

If your company would like to support the work we do here at EMR and HIPAA, we’ve created a new landing page which outlines all of the various healthcare IT marketing and advertising options we offer across the Healthcare Scene network. We’d love to work with you on sharing your message. Just drop us a note on our contact us page.

We’ve got a lot of ideas on how to continue to make what we do here at EMR and HIPAA better. However, what won’t change is our efforts to provide valuable content that helps make our readers’ lives easier.

About the author

John Lynn

John Lynn

John Lynn is the Founder of HealthcareScene.com, a network of leading Healthcare IT resources. The flagship blog, Healthcare IT Today, contains over 13,000 articles with over half of the articles written by John. These EMR and Healthcare IT related articles have been viewed over 20 million times.

John manages Healthcare IT Central, the leading career Health IT job board. He also organizes the first of its kind conference and community focused on healthcare marketing, Healthcare and IT Marketing Conference, and a healthcare IT conference, EXPO.health, focused on practical healthcare IT innovation. John is an advisor to multiple healthcare IT companies. John is highly involved in social media, and in addition to his blogs can be found on Twitter: @techguy.


  • Congratulations John. I do continue to read your blog posts and its also a training medium for our new recruits to understand the market place. Hope 20 million views is not too far away.

    Congratulations and keep going.

  • Anthony,
    Thanks for being a long time reader and I’m glad to hear you use the posts to train new recruits. I’m sure we’ll keep providing value where we can.

  • Congratulations John! Since I remember back when you still had a real job so I must have been an earlier follower.

    Still believe the Brits did primary care EHR far better than we have due to fact that there was a market reason to develop an HIT application connecting PCPs to cover out of service periods. Brits got +85% PCP adoption without government bribe, cheaper provided by five companies with EMIS owning still today a veto-proof market share.

    Where they were a success in primary care they failed in secondary despite the fact the entire NHS uses same business rules. NHS is analogous to VHA in my opinion which as bad as it is … is better than what the Brits have done for NHS.

    Congrats again John — all of us early followers knew you were providing the industry a thought process clearing house. Many of the issues identified by you and your audience of CMS pounding square pegs into round holes have come to pass.

  • Don B,
    You’ve been reading for a long time. It’s fun to think back to those early days when I still had the day job.

    I’m not sure I agree with your on how NHS has implemented their system. I’ve heard a lot of reports that they’re not doing that well after a massive investment. Hard to say when you’re not in the middle of it though.

  • John — You are correct NHS-wide EHR implementation at THEIR facilities is failed. Should have been relatively straight forward given the common operator of all their facilities.

    I was touting the success of the Brit private sector primary care implementation which practice by practice (or surgery by surgery as they would say) have implemented widely cross communicative applications. NHS required pts to be served 24/7 so only way that worked was for the ‘out of hours’ providers to have access to records and ability to post so the contracted PCP could see treatment performed the next day.

    EMIS figured out that it would gain larger market share if it produced a product out of the box that everyone could adopt. By my recollection there were or have been only half a dozen competitors for this work versus our zillion.

    Forgot to add — Go Rangers! Las Vegas’ Joey Gallo is having a rugged first experience but he will do better after a AAA stint where he has yet to play.

  • I might have to investigate some more.

    Go Rangers is right, but we’re still 5 games back. We’ll need a great second half to really make some noise. At least I’m hopeful the Astros will fall apart. *sigh*

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