Get Your Health Records and Help Save Lives makes it easy for patients to get their electronic health records from all of their doctors.

It’s free for patients and providers.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, May 26, 2015 — Every single person has the right to a full copy of his or her health record. Having a complete and accurate record can sometimes mean the difference between life and death., launched today, makes it easier than ever for a patient to collect electronic health records from multiple doctors and hospitals, to review the records for errors, to have multiple records from multiple healthcare providers automatically integrated into a single lifetime record, and to share that record with family members, other caregivers and healthcare providers of their choosing.

Powered by Flow Health, a free secure network that connects consumers, providers, and payers around lifetime patient records, puts a practical tool in the hands of patients ready to take charge of their own health care.

While as many as 1 in 3 Americans have access to a limited view of their health records, available from one provider at a time, no patients and no providers have longitudinal lifetime views of health records.

The federal government recently issued a report on health information blocking, detailing the various ways in which some healthcare providers and health IT companies limit access to patient health information.

The Office of the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology (ONC) cites its ten-year plan, or interoperability roadmap, as holding some of the keys to solving this problem. Robert Rowley, MD, Co-Founder of Flow Health, said: “The medical literature tells us that over 400 people a day die due to impediments to easy sharing of health records, and countless others are harmed as well through errors brought about by the siloing of health information. We’ve eliminated all excuses by building a platform that is easy to use and that is free to providers and patients.” There is no reason to wait ten years for a solution to this problem.

The solution is available today. gives patients a simple way to vault over roadblocks and collect and share their health information with their care teams.If a patient’s doctor or health plan is already using Flow Health, the records will already be on the platform and can easily be shared with the patient. For other providers, Flow Health has a HIPAA-compliant process to seamlessly retrieve the patient’s health records.

Individuals using will be able to rest easy knowing their records are stored securely, that they have the final say in granting access to their records, and that these records will be available to them independent of any relationship with a doctor or other health care provider.

About empowers patients to ask for and receive their health records from as many health care providers as they have. The service is free for patients and for providers. This service is powered by Flow Health, a free, secure network that connects consumers, providers, and payers around lifetime patient records.

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