Happy Memorial Day!

In the US, today is Memorial Day. It’s a bit ironic that I’m writing about Memorial Day in the US while I’m teaching an EHR workshop in Dubai. While I love international travel, experiencing other cultures and meeting people with different perspectives, the travel also reminds me how lucky I am to live where I live and do what I do. There are a lot of amazing people who have lost their lives in order for that to be possible for me. I’m thinking about that this Memorial Day.

This never hit home more to me than when I saw this Memorial Day post by Dr. Nick. It included the following image:
Memorial Day Image

I’ll admit that the image is a bit shocking and heart wrenching for me to look at. Although, I’m not sure that’s such a bad thing. It’s important to remember the amazing warriors who have fought for our freedom throughout the years. Happy Memorial Day everyone!

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John Lynn

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  • As a general pet peeve, it’s actually quite inappropriate to wish people a Happy Memorial Day when you understand the true context of what the day is actually about. It is about soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice defending this country. It’s not actually a “happy” holiday. Would you consider walking up to a widow who lost her husband in the war and say “Happy Memorial Day”? I certainly would hope not. This is not a happy day for anyone who has lost a spouse, parent, friend, etc. to any war. You talk about how the image is shocking and gut wrenching and then end the post with Happy Memorial Day. That is a total disconnect.

  • Catherine,
    I see your point and you’re right that the loss of these lives is not a happy event. However, remembering those people who we love that are still with us and the freedom that we have and the people who are willing to sacrifice so much for us is a very happy thing. So, I guess it all depends on how you take the phrase.

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