Survey: ICD-10 Business Areas of Concern

Each year, NueMD does a survey of providers around ICD-10. 2015 was no exception. You can see the full results of their ICD-10 survey here. They had over 1000 respondents to the survey with the majority of them coming from small practices and 43% of them coming from patient care (DO, MD, DC, NP, RN, etc).

You should take a minute to check out the full results, but this chart from the survey results really caught my eye:

ICD-10 Business Areas of Concern for Doctors

Regardless of whether you’re interested in the results or not, the list of possible areas of concern is worth considering for your organization: Training/Education, Payer Testing, Software Upgrade Cost, Claims Processing, and Compliance Timelines/Deadlines. Are any of these areas a cause for concern with your practice when it comes to ICD-10? My guess is that it has many of you concerned about the switch to ICD-10.

I was glad to see that claims processing was the biggest concern. It should be a concern for doctors and you better prepare for it to be an issue. If you don’t, it’s very likely that you could run into a cash flow issue for your practice.

All signs seem to be pointing towards no more ICD-10 delays. Although, I did hear someone tell me that Congress had 15 (at least somewhere in that range) more opportunities to slip in language to delay ICD-10 again. That’s not likely comforting for healthcare organizations out there. However, I think at this point, organizations need to assume that it’s coming and prepare accordingly. Not doing so could have some dire circumstances come October.

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