Ambir Technology Introduces Innovative Solutions for Capturing and Harnessing Patient Information at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition

Chicago, April 9, 2015—Ambir Technology, an industry leader in digital capture and document management solutions, introduces new solutions at HIMSS15 Annual Conference & Exhibition April 12-April 16 in Chicago for capturing, transferring and managing patient information. Visitors to the Ambir Technology booth (number 2819) will see demonstrations on how the new solutions can impact operational efficiency and productivity.

“Helping healthcare providers efficiently capture and manage patient information is a cornerstone of Ambir Technology’s product development,” said Mike O’Leary, CEO of Ambir Technology. “Today, our signature pads, ID card scanners and document scanners assist many practices in capturing information. At HIMSS 2015, we are introducing new, innovative solutions to push the envelope in regard to patient information capture, transfer and management, boosting office operational efficiency and productivity in meeting Meaningful Use Requirements.”

Ambir nForm  Ambir nForm solution enables totally paperless, convenient and secure capture and transfer of forms and signatures through the Ambir 410x wired tablet and iOS or Android tablets.

The groundbreaking tablet-based solution is available immediately as a yearly subscription. In addition, Ambir introduces Ambir nForm 410x. This dedicated tablet features a larger screen area than signature pads currently on the market.

nForm is easy to use and practices can use existing forms—no requirement to purchase special or customized forms.

Users simply send forms and documents to the Ambir 410x, iOS or Android tablet using the Ambir Document Printer print driver or through nForm Connect (to which users can upload and save their own forms), input information and upload the forms using their scanning application or as a PDF file to their information management solution. There is zero integration needed to use nForm with commercially available EHR or document management applications as it employs nForm by Ambir Technology TWAIN driver known for its plug-and-play ability.

New Generation Sheet-Fed Document and Card Scanners Ambir’s new generation scanners open new doors in operational ease, maintenance, and provide real time solutions for capturing and organizing information by doing more at capture—in office and mobile applications.

The new scanners consist of four models:

  • Ambir ImageScan Pro 490 ix Scanner is a duplex document and card scanner. It scans both sides of a document in about 10 seconds.
  • Ambir ImageScan Pro 687ix Scanner is a duplex card scanner for scanning two-sided identification cards, scanning both sides of a card in approximately 3 seconds.
  • Ambir ImageScan Pro 667ix Scanner is a simplex card scanner for scanning one side of an identification card in about 3 seconds.
  • Ambir TravelScan Pro 600ix Scanner is a simplex document and card scanner designed for mobility and speed. It scans one side of a document in approximately 10 seconds.

The scanners come with AmbirScan Lite Capture Software, elevating document and ID card scanning to a true information capture and management solution by enabling users to save scanned information as PDF, TIF and JPEG files, automatically saving the files to any folder on a computer and/or popular cloud services including Box, DropBox, Evernote and Google Drive.

Having one button operation, the scanners are easy to use.

All are USB port-powered, eliminating the need to find an electrical outlet or carry an AC adapter and enhancing the ability to work wherever and anywhere. They are Energy Star compliant.

Featuring lightweight, compact designs, the scanners are ruggedly constructed for continuous use. In addition, all models have a Kensington Lock Slot to keep them securely on desks or mobile carts. The scanners feature flip-open tops to give unrivaled access for thorough and quick cleaning of the transport area.

All are factory calibrated, requiring no calibration upon installation providing high-quality image quality right out of the box —simply plug in the scanner, install the drivers and start scanning.

The scanners have industry standard TWAIN drivers to provide quick installation and compatibility with thousands of commercially available electronic healthcare record solutions.

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