Top Healthcare IT Job Searches on Healthcare IT Central

One of the really interesting things about having a healthcare IT job board is that we get a lot of insight into the healthcare IT market. For example, Carl Bergman created this really great look into demand for EHR and Healthcare IT certifications based on the data on our health IT job board. That’s some really useful knowledge as you evaluate which certifications you should consider or not consider.

We thought we’d share another piece of data with you that we gleaned from activity on Healthcare IT Central. In this case, it’s the list of most common keyword searches. Check it out:

  • epic
  • manager
  • Analyst
  • cerner
  • project
  • trainer
  • clinical
  • Director
  • healthcare
  • consultant
  • emr
  • remote
  • IT
  • informatics
  • meditech

I don’t think anyone will be surprised that Epic tops the list. Epic job searches are hugely popular on our site. It’s no surprise the Cerner and MEDITECH made the list as well.

Some of the other searches have me a bit puzzled. “Healthcare” and “ID” for example. Would a job board called Healthcare IT central have anything but healthcare jobs and IT jobs? It does make sense why people are searching for manager or analyst positions. Not to mention trainer, direcotr or consultant.

I was a bit surprised that “remote” was such a popular search term, but depending on where you live remote can be very attractive. Plus, we’ve certainly had a lot of healthcare IT jobs posted that were for remote workers.

There’s a bit of insight into the types of health IT jobs people are looking for on Healthcare IT Central. If you’re looking for a healthcare IT job, you can do your own search here. Employers looking to hire healthcare IT professionals can register and post their jobs here.

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John Lynn

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