HIPAA Secure Now! Helps Covered Entities Comply with HIPAA Privacy Rule; New Privacy Tools Augment Company’s HIPAA Security Compliance Services

MORRISTOWN, NJ – APRIL 8, 2015 – Today HIPAA Secure Now! began offering covered entities, a suite of HIPAA  Privacy Tools to help them meet requirements of the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  The suite includes an updated HIPAA privacy policy manual and training module, which complements its HIPAA security services package.  A secure portal gives customers access to policies and procedures, and all the forms needed to implement the HIPAA Privacy Rule.  An Education Center for training employees provides interactive slides and videos, a compliance quiz and completion certificates.

“While most medical practices have implemented the Privacy Rule to some degree they may lack written policies, all the necessary forms, or they may be falling behind on employee training,” said Art Gross, CEO for HIPAA Secure Now!  “Initially we concentrated on helping clients comply with the HIPAA Security Rule.  We guided them in protecting electronic patient information with a security risk analysis, policies, training and technology recommendations.  Now we’re adding Privacy Tools, which offers similar resources and training but is geared toward the overall use, management and distribution of patients’ health information, as laid out by the Office of Civil Rights.”

The HIPAA Privacy Rule obligates covered entities to comply with standards that address the protection, use and disclosure of an individual’s health information.  The Rule states how a medical practice can use a patient’s health information, whether it shares that information with another covered entity to provide additional care, or submits it to an insurer for reimbursement.

Likewise, the Privacy Rule sets standards designed to safeguard an individual’s privacy rights and gives the patient control over how his health information is used.  For example, a patient can put restrictions on a diagnosis if they don’t want it disclosed to a family member.  And they can file complaints if their health information has been shared without their permission.

With HIPAA Secure Now’s Privacy Tools, covered entities now have an online manual that they can search, and print out forms, including patient request for amendment of their protected health information, patient complaint forms, as well as patient restrictions on their protected health information, to name a few. The manual covers policies and procedures, including different scenarios of the privacy rules, such as when covered entities can share patient information with or without authorization.

An in-depth training program, also provided in an online format, helps employees understand the standards of the HIPAA Privacy Rule and what could put the practice at risk for breaking patients’ confidentiality.  Training information is updated annually and takes less than two hours to complete.

About HIPAA Secure Now!

HIPAA Secure Now! has been helping clients comply with the HIPAA Security Rule since 2009.  The company’s all-in-one solution provides risk assessment, which also satisfies Meaningful Use requirements, as well as privacy and security policies and procedures, and training.  HIPAA Secure Now! moves customers toward HIPAA compliance quickly and easily, and protects them in the event of an audit. Customers can complete the entire process in less than three hours, and regularly comment that it is painless and has made their lives easier.  For more information visit www.HIPAASecureNow.com.