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Yep, I have HIMSS on the mind. What can I do? I’ll be there for a week with more meetings and events than I care to count. It’s going to be fun. I thought it would be fun to highlight some tweets (like I do regularly) and add a little bit of my own snark (another regular occurrence).

A little self serving (I know), but these hidden gems really are worth it and people don’t even know that they happen. Now you’ve been told.

Would you rather hang out with Bennett at the parties or with Chuck at the workflow tech companies? That’s a tough one. Although, you have to credit Chuck on being true to form. Plus, I hear he’s going to be displaying his robot, 3D Printing, drone, etc at the ClinicSpectrum booth. Should be something different than you’ll find at most booths.

I thought security would be really big at HIMSS as well, but I haven’t seen that to be the case. Or at least I thought it would be much bigger. Sure, the topic will be covered in most sessions and discussions, but I thought we’d see a wave of new HIPAA related vendors at HIMSS, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe I just haven’t heard from them.

People don’t go to HIMSS? (I told you I’d bring some snark). I think our HIMSS15 Twitter Tricks and Tips will help people out that aren’t attending.

Too far! Hey…they asked. I’m not complaining though. I enjoy walking. I think I lost 5 pounds at HIMSS last year. I chalk it up to all the walking, but also no time to actually eat. One of the best ways to avoid eating is to stay busy. HIMSS keeps me busy. (Look at that health knowledge I’m throwing your way).

Social vendor? How do you measure that? Who throws the best party? Who is the most friendly? Who tweets the most? Who has the best tweets?

I think he probably means which vendor best uses social media. My guess will be CDW healthcare in that regard. The people behind their social accounts (StudioNorth for those keeping track at home) are always up to something. They better not let me down now that I predicted it 😉

I’m lucky to call Shahid my partner, so I take every chance I can get to hear him speak or hear discussions he lead. The topic of getting clinical value and ROI out of data is going to be such an important one for healthcare going forward.

This has to make your heart hurt a little. Looks like Richard is from Bogota, Colombia. I hope someone can help him out. Being out $2k would stink.

I fly out Saturday and I’m there until Friday. I look forward to seeing so many of you at the event. I’ll be doing my full write up of places I’ll be and things to see at HIMSS 2015 over on EMR and HIPAA tomorrow.

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