Epic Does April Fool’s Day – Calls Out Cloud and CommonWell

You can always count on Epic for a great April Fool’s day joke. For as long as I can remember, they’ve swapped out the Epic home page and turned it into a great joke. Plus, this year, they took it to another level as they called out the cloud and CommonWell. Their cloud article titled “The Industry’s First True Cloud-Based Solution” is pretty great. Here’s an excerpt:

When dark clouds gather over the healthcare IT horizon, GOODyEHR, Epic’s new cloud-based hosting solution, will help our customers soar over them – literally. Cruising at 30,000 feet, Epic’s zeppelin-based GOODyEHR data center takes “cloud-based” to dizzying new heights. Other vendors have made similar claims in the past, but they have all been full of hot air. Epic’s solution, by contrast, is full of hydrogen.

Obviously, Epic is mocking Jonathan Bush, CEO of athenahealth who’s been harping on the advantages of cloud for years. I’ll be interested to see if Jonathan Bush brings this up on stage at HIStalkapalooza. I can’t imagine he won’t.

Although, even more likely is for Jonathan Bush to rant about CommonWell and Epic’s decision to not take part. Of course, Epic’s April Fool’s Day addresses it (kind of):

Neal Pasturesson, CEO of Churner Corp. swissmissed the initiative. “Until the Supreme Quart rules in favor of our CowmonWell healthcare infarmation exchange, all these efforts will corntinue to be a Tower of Baybel.” Alfalfahealth CEO Jugnathan Bush commented “That’s their idea? I can’t believe it’s not better.”

Good stuff. Thanks Epic for a good laugh. I’m sure Cerner and athenahealth will take this all in good fun.

I captured a screenshot of the homepage for posterity since many of you will read this tomorrow when it’s no longer up on their website (click on the image to see it full size):
Epic - April Fool's Day

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