Epic Job Quitting – And Why Not to Do It

Lest readers of this site are confused, in this post we’re not talking about quitting your job at Epic. We’re talking about when you quit a job, how do you do it? Do you offer them the 2 weeks (or longer) notice, and decide to go out without burning any bridges? Or do you do something a little more epic? Possibly even something a lot more Epic.

I’m sure you’ve seen the videos of Epic Job Quitters, but if you haven’t here’s one example:

What’s interesting is that I found this on a post on LinkedIn called Don’t Quit Your Day Job: Advice from a Famous(ish) Quitter. As you can see from the video above, she went all out with her announcement to quit her job via a video on YouTube. Although her advice on quitting a job might surprise you:

I really hate my boss, and I want to quit in an epic way. How should I do it?

My answer is: Don’t do it. Don’t quit in an epic way. Work at your job as long possible, save up as much money as possible, and apply to as many jobs as possible. Then, when you find a better gig, write a really nice resignation letter and give the appropriate amount of notice.

In fact, she recounts that she’d told her boss’ boss that she was quitting a month before. Plus, she worked at a creative company that created snarky and controversial videos. So, while it looks like she was giving them the proverbial middle finger, there’s always the rest of the story. In fact, her advice on epically quitting your job is this:

So don’t quit in an epic way unless you work for an epic Taiwanese animation company that can turn a profit out of the viral attention.

The best advice if you’re planning to quit is to make sure you have a plan for what you’ll do when you leave and to leave it in the best shape possible. You never want to burn the bridges you may need to cross later in life. In most industries it’s a small world and paths cross again. Move on and up in your career and don’t let the past bother your future.

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  • As a professional, I fully realize one must quit professionally and not burn their proverbial bridges. Oh, but rage quitting a job sounds so awesome! hahaha Maybe the job right before retirement?! 😉

  • Cassie,
    What would be your dream rage? I hope to never have that option, since I work for myself. Or do I rage against my blogging community? lol

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