Brain Computer Interfaces In Your Ear

We like to talk about wearables and their ability to track our health and inform us of important health messages. However, today’s wearables are likely just the very start of what will be possible in the future. Don’t believe me? Try this story from Nautilus:

A brain computer interface made of gold electrodes mounted on a plastic film that is flexible enough to be molded on to the inner ear and behind the ear could herald the next big thing in wearable tech. The interface works like a conventional EEG cap, reading the wearer’s brain signals, and stays on for up to two weeks—even in the shower. The interface was powerful enough to allow wearers to operate a text speller through thought, but at only five words every two minutes it isn’t as efficient as texting—yet.

This amounts to basically a small bandaid on your ear. That’s some powerful technology. If you’re getting lost in the five words every two minutes, don’t. This is just the foundational learning that’s required for us to make advancements in this process.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished for the ability to think a blog post. Yes, I’ve typed over 4000 healthcare IT blog posts over the years. That number would probably be 8000 if it counted the number of times I’ve thought through a blog post. It would be perfect in a car when you’re mindlessly driving a route that you drive regularly.

If this doesn’t get you excited, you might want one of these to see if your brain is still working. This is cool stuff. Sure, there could be some unforeseen ramifications as well, but that’s true with any technology. I can’t wait to see what smart people come up with next.

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