Sookasa Launches a Cloud Encryption Capability that Lets Users Securely Receive Files from Anyone

SAN MATEO, CA February 02, 2015

Cloud security company Sookasa, Inc. has added a breakthrough capability to its portfolio of data encryption services, now allowing customers to securely receive documents from anyone, including non-users of Sookasa.

Sookasa provides seamless Dropbox encryption and facilitates HIPAA- and FERPA-compliant use of the cloud, enabling users to securely store, sync, and share confidential files. The company’s new secure receipt capability joins the previously released secure sending feature to form Sookasa’s new File Delivery platform—the seminal one-way sharing suite designed to eliminate the need for high-risk email or clunky faxes to exchange information. Sookasa’s encryption solution now addresses every step of the sharing process to ensure compliance.

“Receiving information from clients has long posed a security challenge to businesses in regulated industries,” said Asaf Cidon, CEO and co-founder of Sookasa. “No matter how many precautions businesses take to secure and send data responsibly, their own customers can undermine these efforts by relying on easy modes of transfer—especially email—without regard for security of their own data. We deliver file encryption on non-users’ terms—they don’t need to have Sookasa or Dropbox to take advantage of both services.”

For the first time, content can be automatically encrypted and delivered securely by non-users, with no download or setup required by the sender. Each Sookasa user has a unique secure receipt URL that they can share with others.

For example, if a patient needs to send sensitive health information to her doctor, she simply clicks the link provided by her physician and uploads the document. It’s seamlessly encrypted by Sookasa, and the file is transferred directly to a secure subfolder in the Sookasa user’s account.

Don Murray, a criminal defense attorney and founding partner of New York firm Shalley & Murray, uses Sookasa to receive critical case documents from clients. “I’m thrilled to have Sookasa’s secure uploads capability,” Murray said. “It’s become a competitive advantage with clients, allowing me to distinguish myself from other lawyers who don’t care as much about security and still rely on email.”

Jayson Hanelius, director of behavioral health agency Positive Services for Kids, said Sookasa’s new feature has made sharing files and collaborating in a HIPAA-compliant environment easier. “It’s changed how we do things—we used to rely completely on faxing—and has made communicating much simpler,” Hanelius noted. “Electronic communication is vital to us, because we’re not actually meeting in a central location. With Sookasa, I have real-time insight into the work of my 28 clinicians who are out in the field seeing patients and sending me files.”

The File Delivery suite, like the rest of Sookasa’s solutions, is geared toward putting the onus on technology to ensure effortless compliance.

“This is a key tool for users who need to give their own customers confidence that their personal information is being protected, but without the inconvenience of making them find a way to secure the information on their end,” Cidon said.

About Sookasa
Sookasa delivers seamless Dropbox encryption and security, enabling professionals to use their favorite cloud service to store, sync, and share sensitive data while complying with regulations such as HIPAA and FERPA. Sookasa provides a complete compliance shield around files by encrypting with bank-grade AES 256-bit encryption and using patented cloud-based key management to restrict access to authorized employees and partners. Through the Sookasa dashboard, businesses can effortlessly control and audit access to their sensitive data across users, devices and files. In addition, administrators can revoke access in real-time to any user or device. Learn more at